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    Floating Dreams

    A serene piece of music that goes right through the soul
    , "floating dreams" hear it and make your dreams come true

    https://sellfy.com/p/nbpY/ or click on the pic

  • Jad Mehanna

    ...................Music made me realize the..... mystery of life

    Pianist,Composer and Music arranger, Life and health Coach

    His trip with music started since he was 3 years old.

    He believes that learning music alone before getting into technical and academic skills

    can make a strong impact through one's composition.


    Now with over 1000 piece of art created for commercials,songs,documentaries ,Tv & Radio Re-brandings

    his main passion is creating music that can raise music awareness between what we call "Commercial and academic"


    "My Main target is to create concerts that reflects and deliver my musical message and preserve our heritage which unfortunately is getting lost"

    The role of a music composer is to add value for what already exists and not just repeat what has been done.


    Jad Mhanna also Owns JMP PRODUCTIONS , a company which service audio music for

    commercials , songs ,tv , radio and others.

    For Your Corporate Concerts, Private and openings, Contact me on +961 76 606410 (Regional and International Music) , specifically tailor made Music for Your Event.

  • Show Reel

    Variety of My Music Reel, advertising, songs, documentaries, rebranding

    Etanna Tv -Music Rebranding

    Cinematic-opera singing -music signature

    SHarjah Tv Rebranding -2014-2017

    Sharjah Tv Rebranding 2014-2017

    SHarjah Tv identity 2016-2017

    Sharjah Tv identity

    Al marai - Music +voice over -documentary

    Al marai docu.

    NCB -Al bank al ahli

    Al bank al ahli -corporate music /emotional

    Abu dhabi Tourism

    abu dhabi tourism music

    Product Trailer -Music

    A variety of Music in a trailer

    RLL - main Jingle -Horry mana Kelmi

    RLL jingle

    Lebanon We Miss you

    emotional video- nostalgic

    Desert dance-Dance Music -oriental

    emotional video- nostalgic

    Pampers Advertising

    TVC pampers

    Nostradamus -Music

    Music film trailer

    Zayt Afia

    Afia TVC

    Ariel TVC

    Ariel Campaign

    Al baghdadya tv

    Al baghdadya tv rebranding

    City of knowledge

    Saudi -Madina al maarifa

    Rabea tea

    Rabea tea tvc +sfx

    Doritos Music

    Doritos Tvc music

  • Buy My New ebook - Thought Provoking

    How To Break The Stress Cycle +8 Music Tracks +Booklet practices +audio Affirmations/ browse -https://sellfy.com/p/MuVZ/

  • Download my Largest collection of soulful music -75 piece -Many Genres

    Click on the link below to preview

  • preview my new book "the river of life"
    a journey into your self https://sellfy.com/p/MuVZ/



    Latest Movie Trailer and Project

    Cinematic Movie Trailer -Voice over - Sound effects -Pre Production stage

    My Concert Trailer- World Music Variety

    Have a look at my music style variety

  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Jad Mehanna Music Academy - "Harmonie"

    Music School in lebanon, beit el chaar, near champville school

    Harmonie! where learning may lead you to COMPOSING MUSIC !

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