• Jad Mehanna

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    Get To Know me


    Renown Pianist, Composer and Music arranger, Life and Stress Coach, Holistic Therapist,Author


    His trip with music started since he was 3 years old.

    He believes that learning music alone before getting into technical and academic skills

    can make a strong impact through one's composition.


    Now with over 2000 piece of art created for commercials, songs, documentaries, TV & Radio Re-branding

    his main passion is creating music that can raise music awareness between what we call "Commercial and academic" .


    His Purpose is also to Spread Healing, and alleviate Stress , Helping other for finding Meaning in their lives.




    Jad Mehanna is also a life and stress coach/mentor, "music is the unseen language to help others", and author of the book

    "HOW TO BREAK THE STRESS CYCLE" (book below)



    many people asked me if these 2 specializations do not contradict each other,
    I would like to say these are not only specializations, they are passions of my life and the complete each other


    For Your Corporate Concerts, Private and openings, Contact me on +961 71 928805 (Regional and International Music), specifically tailor-made Music for Your Event.


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    CLICK HERE------> http://www.jmpmelody.com

    Jad Mehanna Productions -Trailer

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    Jad Mehanna advertising -trailer

    Jad Mehanna concert trailer

  • My music Protfolio -archives

    Are you ready to dive in days, weeks, months and years of music :)
    go ahead, it's all organized by style and through many platforms
    Don't rush take your time,, you will find what makes your heart sings...

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    My advertising Show reel

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    Sample of my Tv commercials, jingles, and other compositions for media

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    Daily Motion Video App -Personal Music organized

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    personal music, compositions that suits every mood

    p.s the videos are not mine, but the music is.

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    Youtube personal compositions and Media Music organized by playlist

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    Sound Cloud Organized by playlist

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  • Life coaching, stress coaching,for individuals and corporates

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    Jad Mehanna is also a professional life and stress coach for individuals and corporate, check video --->
    and click on the site here--->http://www.jadmehannacoaching.com