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  • Latest Workshop , Friday 10 , double diploma, life coach and stress counselor

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    Become a professional life coach and stress counselor ! certified from CMA UK



    Next Friday 6 Sessions.

    m online via zoom


    the prestigious CMA (
    Complementary Medical Association of the UK) through my academy, IAPD.


    35% discount if paid before Monday


    Recognized globally and registered within the UK, this program empowers you to become not just a life coach, but a stress counselor.



    As a stress counselor, you'll dive deep into helping others navigate anxiety, depression, and other stress-related issues.

    You'll learn when to collaborate with doctors and psychologists, and when you can make a difference on your own.


    –becoming the vital bridge between traditional coaching and medical support.


    Did you know? 70% of people struggle with stress, regardless of past traumas or negative events.

    It's time for a new approach, one that focuses on holistic healing.


    Discover powerful techniques like EFT, EMDR, Time Line Therapy, and NLP – complemented by breathing exercises, meditations, and tai chi.


    Each technique comes with a handy YouTube tutorial from my teachings, making learning accessible and engaging.


    Plus, receive 5 insightful PDF books on stress, life coaching, and more, alongside hundreds of empowering client resources.


    All this and more at a fair price! Inquire via WhatsApp at 81 460 586.

    Act fast – secure your spot before This saturday and enjoy a 35% discount!


    Visit my personal and academy websites :





    Location dbayeh highway, near Le Royal Hotel Sign, GSS Center, 3'rd Floor


    Jad Mehanna





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