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The Solitude

The Solitude

At first this Word may Move our whole being with fear, it’s a man’s Inner journey.

Fearing Loneliness and Separation is one of the most frightening sensations….

But rejoice! You can never be alone! Never ever…

Our entire planet and universe is filled with aliveness and beings from all sorts.

While you may experience some momentarily separation from your human race, You are surrounded by god’s presence wherever you Go.

Simply Smell the scent of the nature and surroundings, observe the beauty of a dawn and a sunset.

Hear the breeze of the wind, smile with the bird’s song, then you wake up, that Solitude is just a phase to refill your soul from that same source that gave you life.

You came alone, through god’s hands but not Lonely.

Open up to the grace of the Solitude, it’s not isolation; it’s an extension of yourself.

With Love